Posted by: Jen | March 5, 2010

IT Tralee Finland Expedition 2010

As part of the Health and Leisure 3rd year programme students undertake an overseas expedition. This expedition is planned and organised by the students themselves with the help of their Lecturer Tomas Alyward and Rhys Llewellyn from Cappanalea OEC. For the expedition the group of 19 were dividing in two, group ‘alpha’ and group ‘omega’. The terrain the group would be travelling over would be mile after mile of frozen lakes and snow covered mountains.
The group left Ireland on the 26th February for a ten day cross countryskiiing expedition. They flew to Riga airport in Finland. The plan from there was that the students would hire sledges and carry all their food and equipment for the remainder of the expedition and be self sufficent.
The group had planned to walk up to 120km over the course of the expedition however the reports on the weather conditions at the moment are particulary bad with temperatures plummeting to -20 degrees at night. And news from the group say that the initial plans of camping each night are been altered due to the harsh weather conditions. The group are due back to Ireland on Sunday 7th April. We will have a full report on the trip from Rhys after he thaws out…


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